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A great Reverse Mortgage idea ; Take a line of credit now

I’ve got a financial proposal that is probably going to surprise you. Take out a reverse mortgage at age 62, even though you don’t need the money. In fact, take it especially if you don’t need the money. There will never be a better time  for people who want to use the strategy described here. […]

Reverse Mortgages and Today’s Economy

In today’s tough economy, Americans age 62 and older are realizing that a reverse mortgage can be an important part of their financial future. With limited or dwindling retirement savings, concerns about outliving their assets or just the desire to live more comfortably, increasingly savvy seniors are realizing the benefits reverse mortgages can offer.

Make an Informed Decision

Rick believes that it all starts with educating one's self on the reverse mortgage. According to Rick,“It's very important that my reverse mortgage clients know the pros and cons and learn the truths about how the HUD reverse mortgage works. Then, and only then can they make an informed decision.

What Are The Next Steps?

The process of getting your reverse mortgage will be a lot like getting any other home loan you've had. However... the advantages of a reverse mortgage are even better, because you'll never make a payment on this loan while you live in the home! It is our goal to help you understand each and every step of the reverse mortgage process.