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Rick May’s

Reverse Mortgage

Learning Center

Text & short videos help you understand reverse mortgages.

Our Learning Center Answers Your Questions

Rick May, Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Mutual of Omaha, is dedicated to helping senior homeowners navigate the reverse mortgage process with ease and satisfaction. His goal is to help you enjoy a more comfortable retirement without monthly mortgage payments and with more money available for any purpose.

In the pages listed below, you’ll find the latest reverse mortgage information. Scroll down to discover Rick’s straightforward one-minute video explanations of reverse mortgage issues and recorded answers to specific questions:

For more information, Watch Rick’s video “What is a Reverse Mortgage;” to download our free informative brochure, “Reverse Mortgage: Is it Right for You,” click the button below;  and click the Watch Our Videos button to see ten more brief educational videos. Call or Contact Rick to get answers specific to your situation and to see if you qualify.

Watch This Video: What is a reverse mortgage?

Is anyone eligible for a reverse mortgage?

How much money can I get from a reverse mortgage?

How Do People Use a Reverse Mortgage?

How Spouses are Protected

Should My Heirs Be Involved & What happens when borrowers pass on

Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit 

What Happens to the Loan Balance?

Does the lender take title?

A few questions about interest

What happens at the end of the loan?