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Testimonials for Rick May

As a reverse mortgage expert, Rick May has guided many homeowners through the process. View our client testimonials.

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Good morning Rick,
“Thanks to all your efforts on my behalf, I am sitting in my new home enjoying a cup of tea. I truly love this house, and it means so much to feel this sense of security. I’m here because you made it all work for me in such a short time frame. Your obvious expertise and encouragement in what we both know was a difficult situation meant so much to me. I so appreciated your returning my calls so promptly, your diligence in following through to make this happen as you promised. I will forever be grateful to you, and want my friends to know how pleased I am with you and your abilities.”

“Thanks, Rick, for the freedom you have helped me find.  I have had to hustle for a very long time now, and I cant tell you how amazing it is to feel free of that for a good while!  I feel like my life is sort of starting over, all things considered.Hope we stay in touch.”

“Rick May guided my mom through the entire loan process. We both really appreciated his professionalism, patience and understanding. We won’t forget this experience!”
Monique D

“I appreciate so very much all of your hard work and diligence in obtaining my HUD loan. I truly felt that I had an ally in the process.” Thank you – 

“Not only did you help me get rid of my mortgage payment, I also have extra money for going to lunch with my girlfriends, and getting my hair done each month.”
Rhoda S.

“The biggest benefit of our reverse mortgage is the extra money we have each and every month. Thank you so much for all your help.”
Russ and Maxine

“I now have a peace of mind that I haven’t had in many years. Thank you and I will highly recommend you to people.”
Betty B

“I always feel confident when Rick works with my clients. Many seniors will increase their cash flow by utilizing the reverse mortgage in the coming years. I highly recommend Rick May as a trusted source of information and professional service.”
John R, CFP